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Décor for the Decade

kid’s room Décor is the most important aspect in their growth. Something as simple as the orientation or design of the room to the color of it has its own effects in the child. We are not intending to say that your child might turn into a genius if they had their room painted in a certain color. But we do say that color, wall stickers, decals all contribute to the growth factor of the kid. All the kids love one specific thing and it can be anything. It can be a character from their favourite show or it can be the whole show or an aspect from nature. Oof. The list is as long as the kid’s imagination. Don’t you feel like it is kind of a blunder if you paint dull wall colours for the kid’s room. I mean, little geniuses who are as vibrant as the stars have dull colour is a shame. That is why we at Huetion produce the best wall decals for the kids.

Décor for the Decade

Moon and stars wall decal for baby nursery children room moon stars wall sticker | Huetion

The Royal Blue. It gives a rich ring to the name doesn’t it? which is why people who reside in the millionaire or people who are well off, chose a blue to dance in their décor. It makes sense, the colour induces serenity and calmness which is what being rich in the modern world represents.

You are considered foolish to show off, people who are rich n the 2020s are expected to keep it calm and cool, like the colour blue. Blue is the colour of the sky; it is also one of nature’s predominant colour. All these factors add up to people giving their décor a mild shade of blue.

Either that or they simply give few touches of blue here and there like a pot vase or a photo frame or just a part of the design pattern of their bed spreads. It’s unfathomable how something as basic as the colour blue showcases the versatility but anyways, it sells.

1. The Flora Décor 

Sky touches the nature vinyl wall sticker | Huetion

Everyone is obsessed with the concept of adding a hint of floral designs to their décor. It comes as common as floral design in the chairs and tables or just one big photo frame right on your face when you enter a room or through the doorway. This is understandable because again, flowers are the most beautiful aspects of nature and wasn’t décor all about showcasing and embalming beauty to your room?

But you need to be careful. Too much floral design might also damage the overall look of it. keep it low, keep it minimalistic because a flower design isn’t a one stroke image, it’s a detailed structure. Too much off it might over saturate the purpose of it.

2. The Contrast Dance Décor 

Giant panda wall stickers panda wall decal | Huetion

Floor designed like a chess board, an imminent crossover between the blacks and the whites. Wall painted with pure white and midst it is a black contemporary art frame are all few examples of a contrast décor.

The advantage of this décor is that two contrasting colours are laid off against each other, the product? The more you look at it, the more you enjoy looking at it. It’s distinctly beautiful and when leered at, two colours bring off each other’s beauty instead of it’s owns. It’s unique, not everybody’s taste and certainly distinct.

5. The Antique Story

It’s intriguing how something old doesn’t wear off but adds value to itself. Especially in the décor business. You add a backstory to an ancient painting, you just watch it being bided for huge sums. People love when they buy something of ancient value and hence, they often end to put up an old painting or an art in their dining or living room.

They believe that adding something of value to the surrounding will automatically add value to them too. Let’s just not do anything to that thought process, which s responsible for millions of dollars for paintings and arts that are few centuries old. Whatever sells, sells.

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