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Published on: Boho Wall Stickers

Embrace the Bold, Eclectic Look with Boho Decor in Your Home

Calling all Boho decor lovers! Whether you’re passionate about mixing textiles or truly enjoy the cost-effectiveness of getting antique, bohemianism—the eccentric, creative style that goes back to the mid-1800s has become a defining trait of your home. And, while you may link bohemian room Huetion Decor with quirky, out-of-the-ordinary bright colors, textiles, and designs, it genuinely has a huge variety.

The only true laws of boho décor are to be unique, to be sloppy, and to relax. So, whether you’re an expert bohemian or just starting out, take some inspiration from Huetion’s chic boho wallpapers and incorporate bohemian flair into every part of your home. Colors, patterns, florals, warmth, and creative decorating are on their way right now.

Today, the phrase “boho” is often used to describe elements that are unorthodox and artistic; yet, understanding the roots of Bohemian style is helpful in required to bring off the look properly in your home.

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Understanding the History Behind Popular Trend Boho Decor

So, what exactly does boho indicate? To begin, it’s an abbreviation for the French word bohemian, which refers to hippies and was named after a small number of individuals who came from Bohemia, a province in the Czech Republic. Afterward, the term came to refer to any artist, singer, actor, or performer who was often unemployed and had a nomadic lifestyle, travelling extensively across major European cities. Greenwich Village in New York City was a more recent hotspot for bohemian culture during the 1950s, also recognized as the beat generation, which later gave birth to the hippy culture of the 1960s and 1970s.

Presently, the term “bohemian” is much more of an adjective than just a noun, referring to an aesthetic influenced by the free thinkers of past generations. The trendy boho chic style is multicultural, with a focus on cultural and classic objects from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

So, what actually is boho style décor?

Bohemian style is:

✔️ colorful

✔️ comfortable

✔️ eclectic

✔️ lived in

✔️ relaxed

✔️ warm

Boho decor is NOT:

❌ matching decor all up

❌ minimalist

❌ no color palette

❌ perfection

❌ sterile

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Embrace Boho Dècor Style for a Classy Look

Boho decor style is characterized by an eclectic blend of colors, designs, and textures. The easy-going, global-inspired approach deviates from typical design principles to produce a layered, customized look. With these bohemian decorating ideas, you can adopt the style’s laid-back characteristics.

The use of bright colors such as turquoise or neon pink on top of rustic wooden furniture is typical of Boho Chic style, however, one of the good things about Bohemian decor is that it is all about the overall ambiance of the space than about specific rules. Boho wall decals have been for a while, but because to Pinterest, it’s trendier than ever before!

There are numerous ways of getting Boho home décor interior design. Furthermore, one of the many pros of Boho chic décor is that it is a cost-effective solution for any home since you can find items literally everywhere. To get a bohemian aesthetic at home, you can use flea market things, classy wall decals, recycled, discounted goods, and retro treasures, as well as DIY lighting.

Decor Tips for the PERFECT Boho Inspired Home

These easy and simple tips will help you get that perfect Boho home look and vibes in your home— easily, quickly and affordably.

  • Instead of gloss paint finishes, go for neutral wall color paint shades so that your walls don’t reflect light to generate glare around fixtures and windows.
  • Use open desks and shelving without backs to get a Boho look in the study room.
  • Make a dedicated space to incorporate Boho features like cosy reading corners or seating nooks for coffee time.
  • Make space feel more open and bigger by adding big windows and taking advantage of natural light.
  • Add lots of natural elements and textures including flowers, grasses, or leaves together with a vintage-style wall hanging.
  • Keep your living room furniture in a single tone, and then add a pop of colors using rugs, flower vases, decorative pieces or artworks in black and white themed space.
  • Buy some vintage décor pieces to add a touch of rustiness.
  • Add a pop of colors by mixing and matching lots of cushions and fringed pillows.
  • Create an interesting, unique bohemian feeling by mixing different fabrics such as wools, silks, leathers that contrast suitable with rough cottons.
  • Get a floor seating arrangement with colorful floor pillows.

Boho Decor is All About Being Quirky and Creative

Boho decor enjoy using colour, combining different materials, putting statement objects that represent their distinctive style into the décor of their home, and bringing layers to their area to differentiate rooms from one another without needing to have doors or partitions, which breaks this rule. Bohemian style entails many unconventional ideas, but it also allows for flexibility, which can assist you to get any desired look in your own home!

The Boho Chic aesthetic is all about mixing and matching elements with an eclectic flair to give your space a comfortable yet striking feel.

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Bringing It All Together in Boho Décor Styled Space

Bohemian or Boho décor for all those who aspire to enrich their home with personality, creativity, art, and unique stuff for everyone to see. This aesthetic defies modern values by embracing the easy-going, relaxed, and quirky. Boho rooms share some characteristics in that they are always colorful and share common aspects, yet no two rooms are ever totally the same.

People who want to live an unorthodox life, such as regular travellers, performers, writers, and artists inspire Boho. The Bohemian style reflects this way of life by blending things, colors, and patterns from all around the world. If you’re seeking a look that you can genuinely call your own, Boho may be the way to go.

Check out Huetion’s range of best boho-inspired wall decals to give your walls a new life, and unique vibes to your space!

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