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Published on: Unicorn Wall Stickers

Unicorn Wall Stickers to Bring Rainbow Magic to Kids’ Room

Get A Magical Touch to Your Kid’s Room with Unicorn Wall Stickers

Unicorn Wall Sticker are so popular. The unicorn room is a fun, busy and eclectic room to inspire and bring the creative play to every little girl! This theme will be perfect for a little girl’s room or baby nursery. You can combine super cute unicorns and flowers for a more enhancing look.

Decorate your walls in minutes with happy and colourful unicorn wall stickers. These wall stickers look especially fantastic in all homes and spaces that appreciate vivid colours. Just peel and stick! It is super easy to remove and reuse.

Huetion’s unicorn wall stickers are perfect to create a unicorn themed bedroom or even nursery décor for your little one. Introducing a range of different styles and sizes, our unicorn wall decal collection includes unicorns, unicorns star, rainbows and lots of other accessories to make any unicorn fan’s dreams come true!

How to Add Unicorn Wall Stickers in Your Unicorn Themed Room Décor?

Unicorn lovers everywhere fall over products beautified with the magical animal. Full of cuddles and sparkles, these imaginary creatures are the face of every unicorn fan’s dream.

Using the right bedroom décor ideas, you can embrace your inner unicorn magic and make them feel they just walked into a magical wonderland!

With unicorn’s popular products and wall decal stickersyou can make your children’s room décor outstanding and make them happy feelings and sweet dreams!

The mythical unicorn is much-loved by little girls and young ones – if not by ladies of all ages! According to some mythologies, the only way to glimpse a unicorn was for a beautiful, young woman to sing in the forest. That was ample to attract the majestic creature.

unicorn horn wall stickers unicorn wall decal rainbow room decor unicorn room decor unicorn horn | Huetion

Why not surprise your Lil princess by revamping her bedroom into a perfect unicorn theme?

There are several options for room décor using which a unicorn lover room can be filled with dreamy and magical unicorn pieces easily.

Choose Suitable Colour

Because of their natural white colour, unicorn room decor goes stunningly in rooms with a neutral pallet or black and white. You can add a unicorn silhouette on the bedding to give a sense of vivid style while the fluffy white stuffed unicorn will replace a white room from some of its plain lines and contrast.

White is suitable in most cases, but when it covers up the entire room, it is exhausting for your eyes and quite dull for little growing ones. You can make the room more attractive by combining white with other bright, cheerful colours.

A unicorn can be imagined in countless colours, but the most common combinations are white body, coral or cream horn, and pinkish or golden mane.

Try to represent the shape of this gorgeous creature in your kid’s bedroom— imaginably white or off-white walls and different elements, both on the walls as well as on the bed in the other shades. The end result will give the little girl with the feeling of having her favourite magical unicorn always on her side! Ensure to focus on the proper distribution of colours.


Another easy and most cost-effective way to flaunt love for unicorns is by filling your wall space with artistic, high-quality unicorn vinyl decals. The mystical wall art sticker will add a layer of dimension to your bedroom and spruce up the walls!

By matching your room decor, you can bring out your unicorn details, which will make them stand out even more. You can also add some bokeh-inspired window curtains, unicorn pillows and unicorn rug to go well with the unicorn theme.

Many people initially think of unicorns as being just rainbows and pinks, but these magical creatures look just as dreamy and magic in any room colour. In contradiction of popular belief, unicorns don’t need to be delimited by sparkles and pink.

If your child’s favourite colour is blue, green, orange or something different, you can still make the unicorns the main decorations in the bedroom.

Stars, rainbows and flowers all look just as magical surrounding unicorns in any coloured room!

Purple is a vibrant and deep colour, making it an ideal choice for a unicorn themed bedroom. Along with that, purple décor can be used in feminine rooms with sparkles and flowers.

For the most intense unicorn lovers, rooms go all out with unicorn decor with stuff that goes above and beyond to boast the best unicorn paradise!

Together, unicorns and rainbows are a timeless mix and the perfect combination because they both give out feelings of happiness! Since most unicorns have a pure white coat, a multi-coloured crown or mane can add a touch of colour and vivacity, turning the room nothing short of pure magic.

Choose the Right Furniture

You should furnish the room with good-looking yet functional furniture. Choosing the right piece of furniture is very important to get a lively and functional arrangement. The bedroom furniture plays a crucial role as it will accompany your child with her playing and resting, studying, and even with her dreams and challenges!

Ensure to choose the durable, functional furniture, in colours and sizes that best suit the theme of your kid’s room. Don’t forget to match the rest of the accessories too – the frames, the carpet, the covers and the pillows and the cover of the bed too!

Add a Suitable Storage

Lastly, don’t forget the storage. No matter how beautifully the room is decorated, if it is filled with toys, books, clothes, and other things, all the room décor efforts will be in vain. To get the desired result, you should ensure that the room has enough storage space.

You add unicorn stickers to the storage cabinets to give the room a more enhanced unicorn-themed look.

Consider the storage requirement depending on your kid’s current age but also think through their needs as they grow! Moreover, as the years pass by, the more dreams will have to go with their room!

Bringing the Unicorn Magic to Your Kid’s Bedroom

Rainbow pattern wall decal with unicorn wall decal sticker fantasy girls bedroom wall art cute nursery | Huetion

Using some inspiration and your own imagination, you can bring your children’s love and adoration for unicorns right to their bedroom. You can irrevocably bring to life all the rainbows and sparkles of your dreams.

Dream comforters, lavish wall art, vivid rugs, wall décor items and wall sticker vinyl that is full of wonder, there are infinite ways to fill the home room with unicorn decorations.

Reasons: Why You Can’t Resist Adding Unicorn Wall Decals in Your Home?

Unicorns Are Magical

Unicorns represent every happy dream we ever had. Put a felt unicorn wall head on the wall, and a felt unicorn playmat beside the bed, and encourage happy dreams.

Unicorns Are Amazing

They are horses, but they are actually so much more than a regular horse. Place some unicorn puppets on the windowsill, beside the bed. They are fun to play with and beautiful decorations for instant sprucing up space by giving your space a touch of magic.

Unicorns Are Aspirational

They are your innocence and symbols of purity and goodness. They remind you of your best childhood memories and moments. By putting unicorn wall sticker around your children’s room, playroom or nursery, you are eventually making it unique for you as well!

Unicorns Are Synonymous with Rainbows

Unicorns are famous for bringing rainbows wherever they go. Who doesn’t love rainbows? Everybody does. Adding unicorn vinyl wall decals will fill your kid’s play room, bedroom or nursery with rainbows which will eventually elevate their mood and so much more. Unicorns are colourful, fun, magical and make the best fantasy besties for your little as well as big ones!

Unicorns Are Colourful, Vivid

Unicorns can be anything your heart wishes! Rainbow, pink, purple, whatever you like! With the growing popularity of monochrome in nurseries and bedrooms everywhere it’s lovely to see pops of colour back in the kid’s rooms. It’s nice to add glow in the dark stars wall stickers to give your little one a feeling of the dream world.

Buy High-Quality Unicorn Wall Vinyl Stickers at Huetion’s Store

Looking for best unicorn wall sticker to add a magic touch to a room? Get one at Huetion. Our expert design team have been very hardworking at bringing together our latest premium quality collection of wall stickers, wall decals for your home!

Our collection of unicorn wall stickers is completely exclusively. With our unicorn collection, we feature several designs that can be ideally used anywhere in your home décor, and most importantly— our stickers are easy to apply and easy to remove.

Unicorn With Rainbow Wall Stickers | Huetion

Whether you are looking to decorate your home, office, nursery or any other space to create an exciting wall space, nothing can be as inexpensive, flexible and versatile as wall sticker decals to flaunt your creative side.

For any type of wall stickers including inspirational wall sticker, car wall sticker, gaming wall sticker, nature wall sticker, mystic wall sticker, etc., Huetion’s range of wall decals and stickers makes a wonderful choice in wall accents.

Our wall decals are made from ultra-thin, self-adhesive vinyl film to get stick to the wall cleanly and give you no issues with peeling or fading for years to come.

Adding a wall decal in your wall will not only spruce up the space look but will draw people’s attention to it by creating a pure sense of mystery around it.

Huetion wall stickers make a real style statement for your walls, prettifying your home interiors and perfect for offices, living room, kid’s room, and guest rooms to reflect your sense of taste and style.

Shop confidently with Huetion and choose from the vast collection of wall stickers; you are sure to find the perfect match for your beautiful home!

Happy Shopping!

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