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Published on: Gaming Wall Stickers

Video Game Wall Art to Inspire Your Gaming Skills

The video game industry has evolved rapidly and drastically over the past few years. There was a time, for instance, when being called a ‘gamer’ came with all forms of judgments and stereotypes. Now, from a toddler to your grandma everyone can play video game consoles and popular games like Grand Theft AutoFortniteMarvel’s AvengersMarvel’s Spider-mad, etc. The technologies have revolutionized the industry— and adding a — and adding a video game wall art can spark more life and fun to your gaming passion!

Video Game Wall Art— Growing Popularity of Video Games

Video games are generally ignored as artless or the field of couch potatoes, but in reality, do you know that a lot of common elements of video games offer tangible advantages.

Videos games have become bigger, bolder and make much more of a statement when added to the kid’s room or gaming wallVideo game wall arts and stickers are the best way to decorate a hardcore gamer’s room.

In this article, we have shared why video games are good to play, and how you can boost the enthusiasm of playing video games by adding inspiring and enticing video game wall arts.

Gamer wall decal eat sleep game controller video game wall decals | Huetion

Video Game Wall Art— Top Benefits of Video Games

Inspires to Be More Persistent

The video game has two probabilities— either you win or you lose— but you keep trying from your mistakes as you progress until you attain your goal— winning the game. As per some experts, video games can teach people to be more confident and work harder towards their goals— considering each misstep as just another opportunity to learn from past mistakes.

Boosts Brain’s Gray Matter

Many experts have agreed that gaming acts as a great workout for your mind disguised as fun. Studies have proved that regularly playing video games can eventually increase Gray matter in the brain and perfect brain connectivity to a greater extent.

Gray matter is associated with memories, muscle control, spatial navigation and perception.

Hones Decision-Making Skills

Playing video games can help in improving decision-making skills. As new information and data constantly get displayed during the play which players have to adapt instantly. In a study, it was found that players who were dipped in quick-paced games were actually 25% quick in responding to questions about a picture they had just seen compared to non-gamers.

Improves Problem-Solving Skills

Challenges are the part of every video game. Although there are some senseless games, but there are many games like Fortnite, Marvel’s  Superman, etc. that engage the mind, and chance to take on a problem and work harder to reach the goal. Researches have found that playing video games significantly improve three key areas—



Flexible Thinking

Gamer wall decal ps gaming zone eat sleep game wall decals for kids bedroom | Huetion

Make You a Better Leader

Since certain types of games reward and inspire leadership features— offering for securing their safety, communities, etc.— experts have seen that players can show a connecting inspiration in their real-world career goals. Being creative in the gaming field can be beneficial if you want to step into the gaming industry as a professional gamer.

Better Social Connections and Skills

Many times, children face problems in getting socialized and making friends in real life. Video games can help them to get connected with people positively. In the gaming world, it is possible to make real-life friends. Moreover, video games can be a great conversation topic for kids at school. Nowadays, games are a normal topic of conversation for children. An interest in gaming can assist children to come up with topics to discuss who has trouble getting socialized. Even some researches have shown that children who are more into playing games are more likely to have better social skills, develop better relationships with other students and also perform better academically.

Makes Children More Active

Although some games encourage a complete-body level of interaction, whereas some need just a simple hand-held controller to promote physical activity. Video games that involve skateboarding, tennis or basketball can encourage children to practice those same games outdoors.

Reduces Stress

Though some games are considered to generate stress, however, this is not the case every time. Playing some fun, exciting video games can help in reducing stress to a greater extent!

Gamer life wall decal eat sleep game controller video game wall decals for kids bedroom | Huetion

Some of Our Favourite Top Picks from Video Game Wall Art Collection

As we have seen the amazing benefits of playing video games, now let’s explore some outstanding gaming wall stickers to adorn your children’s room or gaming room. Adding wall stickers is a great way to trigger the gamer inside you, and play more dedicatedly and passionately!

Video Game Wall Art Canvas

Huetion’s range of wall art canvas is made using top-quality archival paper, and original HP latex ink to give a print that doesn’t fade over time. Our wall canvases are made to last and the inks used are child-friendly as well as environmentally friendly. We assure our canvases are digitally handcrafted. Shopping at Huetion, you can expect a museum gallery-quality canvas at a very affordable price. The wall canvas prints are available in many sizes and frame options— whether you want a single frame wall canvas to five frames canvas or just a rolled canvas, Huetion can do it for you!

Wall Stickers

Huetion offers a wide range of gaming wall stickers and decals that are made using top-quality vinyl, and using the best quality ink. The wall sticker cuts are done precisely to give a smooth paint-like effect on the wall. All the wall stickers available at the Huetion store are self-adhesive, peel and stick— all you need is to just peel and stick the sticker in the walls. On removal, the sticker doesn’t leave any residue.

Key Takeaways—

Whether you are looking for a game zone wall sticker, or a eat sleep game wall sticker, Huetion has the widest range of inspiring and beautiful game wall stickers to adorn your children’s playroom, bedroom or gaming room. Personalized gaming wall stickers can let you give a more personalized and unique touch to the walls and make them stand out!

Explore some of the Gaming wall stickers

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Game zone gamer wall decal eat sleep game wall art | Huetion
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