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What Are The Perfect Wall Decals For Kids?

Are Wall Decals Safe To Be Used In Kids Room?

Wall decals are generally made from PVC-vinyl or polyester. Whereas, wall decals for kids, they are made from premium polyester fabric which is non-toxic and completely safe to be used in environments for kids. Fabric adhesives are also safe alternatives that are being used in wall stickers, which are specially made for kids. And they are perfect home decor ideas because they will give you an excellent and soft fabric-like finish. Moreover, these decal are free from PVC, BPA, phthalates, glyco-ethers, lead, and formaldehyde’s, and thus are not only environmentally friendly but also human friendly. And they are made to be biodegradable and have low fire rating to make it even safer for kids.

Dinosaur wall decal for kids room jurassic park | Huetion

What Are The Perfect Wall Decals For Kids?

Wall decals are lovely home decor ideas, as wall stickers, in general, are available in virtually limitless designs, sizes and colours. When it is made with kids in mind, the options are even more vast.

  • There is no doubt that kids love cartoons. So if their room has one of their cartoon character on their wall, they will be more than happy and proud of their space. At Huetion, you can find a variety of cartoon and superhero vinyl wall
  • If you want to make your child sleep well, you would have to make sure that their space is calming and is a haven. To achieve that result, forget about using bright colours. Rather consider using vinyl wall decals for kids with soothing hues like greys and taupes because bright colours can be stimulating and may psychologically prevent your child from having a peaceful sleep.
  • As we are living in a fast-paced world, children are very much stressed and put into so much anxiety. So you would prefer to give your child nothing less than a place in which your child will feel safe and secure. So you can incorporate wall decals with natural elements. A big tree filled with flowers, a bamboo bunch, grass and other such greenery-filled decals wall arts would help to re-calibrate the mind, body and soul of your child.
  • You can use rose gold metallic polka dot wall decals in a variety of ways. They can be evenly spaced and used to decorate an entire wall, which would aid in creating a fanciful feel in your kids’ room. On the other hand, it can be used to decorate specific spaces of the room, to highlight the features, or it can also be used in creating big dreamy waves. So with the polka dots, the decorative options are limitless, and you can do anything with your creativity.
unicorn wall sticker with cloud and rainbow wall decal stickers fantasy girl bedroom wall art cute nursery | Huetion
  • If you are a responsible mother, no doubt you would do anything for your child. But working women find it hard to balance between nurturing their child and keeping up with their profession. The best way to sort out this problem is to create a nursery office. No, it’s not as hard as you think and with wall decals, it is less expensive as well. You can use some fantastic kids wall stickers alongside your working space so that your kid will not get bored as you do your work.
  • We at Huetion, are concerned about your kids, and so we want them to feel good about themselves and their rooms. Therefore, we provide personalised wall decals with cartoon themes. It means they can get their name on their walls in butterfly-themed wall art, or a unicorn themed one or in Disney themes or dinosaur theme and many more. Please do check out our website to get to know all the available themes.
  • Wall decals can also prove to be sources of learning for your child. So it will subconsciously imprint good values and educational stuff in your child’s mind, even as an infant.
  • Fun cartoon wall decals come with integrated height measurements. So these apart from adorning your child’s room will also serve as a useful tool for you to measure your child’s growth.
let the dream come true unicorn quote wall sticker unicorn wall decal flower room decor unicorn room decor | Huetion

Perks Of Using Wall Decals

  1. Wall stickers are safe and an affordable way to make your kids room a lot more fun and lively.
  2. If you have to do paints to beautify your kids’ room, keep in mind that children grow fast, and their likes and creativity will also keep changing accordingly. At different stages of childhood, and as they mature, they wouldn’t enjoy having the same room theme. But changing the paint now and then would cost you a fortune. Instead, when wall decals are used, you can keep changing it as you wish because they are very economical and easy to apply and remove.
  3. Are you worried that your child does only minimal physical activities? If so, wall decals can be a solution. Asking them to install the wall stickers, will help enhance their creative abilities and give them a fun physical activity to do.

Explore some of the Kid’s room wall stickers

Unicorn wall sticker with shooting star wall decal stickers fantasy girls bedroom wall art cute nursery | Huetion
Magical unicorn for wall decal set | Huetion
Dino watercolour vinyl mural | Huetion
Baby unicorn wall decal stickers fantasy girls bedroom wall art cute nursery | Huetion
Fairy animals wall sticker animals vinyl wall stickers unicorn decals for kids room | Huetion
Dinosaur wall stickers for kids room | Huetion

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