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Published on: Wall Sticker

Will Wall Decals Damage My Wall?

To begin with, there are two answers to this question. Yes and No. This is because in any wall decal industry there are good wall decals and there are bad wall decals. The good wall decals are those that need no worries after you’ve done pasting it. You can literally feel the quality of the material and of the wall decal if you have purchased a good wall decal. We at Huetion always strive to provide the best wall decals for you. This is because we believe that satisfying a customer should be the basis of the business besides driving profit. So have you ever bought a wall decal then worried if it will leave a permanent mark in your wall after removing it? Then this article is for you. Also, throughout this article, wherever there are good wall decals mentioned, we directly refer to the wall decals we at Huetion sell. So at this point into the article, you should understand that Huetion sells the best.

The predominant question we get after a wall decal being bought is what happens after you remove the wall decal? Well, you aren’t wrong to ask that but understand that any amount of quality and precision will immediately fail at leaving no marks if you improperly stick the wall decal.

If you are in the midst of the excitement and you have no time for the full article, here’s the answer, they mightIt depends on the way you apply and the shop you buy from, and it’s quality. So make sure you buy the decal from us at Huetion.

Also, get custom decals and vinyl decals from us at Huetion for a reasonable price. The customisation is only for the details of the decals and never for the quality of it.

Winter floral watercolour flowers wall sticker | Huetion

The Good, The Bad and The Wall Decals

Okay picture this, you are tired of looking at a bland wall in your house, and you feel like getting a new wall decal for it. So what you should be doing is heading over to Huetion and buying one, but you might have other ideas. We have now crossed a good idea of buying one from Huetion, and the other side is buying one online at some other e-commerce website. So let us explain why you shouldn’t buy a wall decal at any other e-commerce website:

  • The quality of the decal cannot be assured since the seller might be anyone, and this might be his or her side business.
  • You cannot get in touch with the seller easily, should the wall decal come with the defect. There is no unique customer support for you like we have at Huetion.
  • This is just one of the products that an e-commerce website can sell. But with us at Huetion, this is the only product we do business with. So the quality ratio skyrockets.
Rose wall stickers floral design wall stickers kids wall decals roses with leaves | Huetion


Okay, so the wall decal glue we supply with the stickers are strong enough to stick to your walls for years to come but not low in quality to leave a mark soon as the wall decal is removed. The decal glue is quite powerful, and it has to be so. This is because your wall might be of different materials. Everyone does not use the same kind of wall paint, or some people leave the wall with concrete and bricks look for their convenience. So this is the reality of it if we tend to reduce the strength of the glue, then two things will happen, one is that the wall decal will peel itself off in time and when it does that it’ll leave an ugly mark behind.

So the decals that are designed for indoor walls have less strong glue, and the decals that are designed for outdoor walls tend to have the strongest glue so that it doesn’t come off of natural factors.

We at Huetion understand your queries and come up with solutions like re-positionable, temporary, removable for indoor decals and solutions like strong wall decal glue for outdoor wall decals. If you still are confused between the two worries not. We will help you find it, just tap into customer care.

Mixed size polka dots geometric pattern wall decals | Huetion


Here are some frequently asked questions and frequently sought for queries by you:

  • Make sure of the quality that you buy and refer for if it is indoors or outdoors.
  • Have some queries about the materials that are being used in the decal from its manufacturing material to the glue material.
  • If you are buying wall decals for indoors, get those re-positionable wall decals so that you can change things accordingly.
  • DO NOT use wall decals on surfaces that are already peeling off or are flaky.
  • Last but not least, choose Huetion. All the above factors are check boxed with us.

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