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Published on: Wall Decor

A Few Home Decor Ideas Using Wall Decals

Discover creative and inspiring home decor ideas using wall decals to transform your living spaces. There is a famous saying which states, “People Usually Are The Happiest At Home”. No doubt, each one of us would have experienced the truthfulness of these words. Yes, a home is our happy place. And it is no sin in taking care of that special place.

An Interior Is A Natural Projection Of The Soul

So it is one of the essential tasks that a man has to do for a happy and satisfied living. And to be precise, adorning your house is as necessary as grooming yourself because homes have a significant impact on your reputation.

Besides, beautifying your home has many benefits, such as lifting your mood and setting a pleasnt atmosphere for you and your family. Moreover, every time you return from a stress-filled day, a pleasant and well decorated house can reduce anxiety and put you at ease.

A well-adorned house, woo’s your guests and sends a silent message to them about your inner soul. Many people make the mistake of decorating only the reception area or the living room, whereas decorating every room in your house, including the kitchen and the bedroom is inevitable. Apart from making it appealing and inviting, it will make you feel comfortable.

Above all that, when you spend some time to personalise each nook and corner of your house, it will give you a sense of belonging and ownership. It would, therefore boost your confidence level.

Buddha wall art decal yoga wall art decal | Huetion

How To Decorate Your Living Room Using Wall Decals?

A living room in a house is one of the most critical places. This space is mostly in the public eye as you would be probably hosting your guests here. And thus it gives you ample opportunities to impress and inspire them. And it should be designed in a welcoming and appealing way to appease your valuable guests and to make them feel comfortable. Additionally, because this is the room that you last see before leaving your home in the morning, you should set the ambience in a way that inspires you and energises you to tackle every hardship that you would be facing during the day. Therefore, we are all set to give you a few tips and tricks in achieving all this with wall stickers.

  • Big trees with lovely, coloured flowers can calm your mind and would be a perfect reflection of nature which gives you a pleasant feel and would be an ideal way to provide a warm welcome for your highly esteemed guests.
  • Inspiring quotes on your walls can mentally prepare you for a rough day. And it can also inspire your guests when they visit you. And later they may thank you for letting them have a little lift in their life.
  • Funny quotes, on the other hand, will be creating a fun environment to dwell. And will help you start a conversation when you get stuck in between an interaction. It may also aid in uplifting your mood just by the glance of it if you are in a bad mood.
  • Silhouettes of birds or trees will give your living room a modern feel. And irrespective of the size of your house, these decals wall arts will provide it with a premium feel.
  • With wall decals, you can add art and drama without nails and mess. A large wall sticker with flowers and birds, when used over your couch or around your TV will give your space a luxurious feel.
2 colour half circles with circle boho shapes wall decor | Huetion

How to Decorate Your Bedroom Using Wall Decals?

As all of us would agree that a bedroom is the most crucial spot in the house, this is the place that the house is specially made. This space has to feel cosy to help you forget all the anxieties of the day. Adequate sleep is inevitable for every human being. So it would be best if you are careful about adorning it in a way that would help you fall asleep quickly. Furthermore, almost all interior designers suggest that you change the existing decorations of your bedrooms, every three to four years.

  • Always remember to use vinyl wall decals which are made of soft colours. As bright colours may be alarming and can disturb your sleep. On the other hand, lighter hues can help you destress and relax from a hectic day and will make your room appear larger.
  • Another international standard of home decor is to use rose gold into the design pattern. It can be mild and soothing. You can use rose gold polka dots in several ways to design the walls of your lovely bedrooms.
  • Large-scale wall decals can be used to add textures to your wall. It will aid in adding a pinch of drama and sophistication to your rooms. And they can also be used to mimic architectural features, which may otherwise cost a bomb to be incorporated. For instance, a giant rustic wood-planked wall sticker can be used to give your room an instant charm.
  • Getting over the most widely used flora and fauna wall stickers and using other types of large wall decals such as patterned wall stickers, wood-planked walls, faux wall, exposed brick wall stickers would be perfect for people who can not afford to change their wall paint very often. And it will also prove to be a solution for people who live in rented houses and offices.
  • Large wall stickers can assist you in hiding mistakes. They act as a distraction to draw attention away from the problematic areas. With these, you can easily distract the onlookers from a missing headboard, awkward layouts, misplaced air vents and other such eyesores.
  • Horizontal lines can make even a small room look large. Therefore, you can use horizontal vinyl wall decals in cabana stripes or trendy chevron stripes instead of painting it, to have an instant room-widening effect
Office motivational quotes vinyl wall stickers | Huetion


You need not shy away from decorating your homes. With wall decals adorning your homes have become very simple as they are easy to apply and remove. It causes less chaos and is easy to maintain. Moreover, it is very much affordable when compared with the traditional methods of decorating. So go ahead, find your perfect wall sticker from Huetion, and keep decorating your happy place.

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