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Published on: Wall Decor

Discover: Designer Décor Trends for 2020

Décor might be a part of interior designing but when done by a normal person or by the people of the household, it’s a challenging task to begin with. So, décor, what is it? why is it important and does it really bring out the change? Yes, yes and absolutely yes. Décor not only helps you to liven up your stationary elements in the house like walls, cupboard etc but also fill in mundane space. So where do you begin with? The simple answer would be on a blank wall or a mundane cupboard. The alternate answer would be on the steps or ways you can do that.

Whether you’re in the market for a major interior overhaul or you’re simply looking to give your home a quick and easy update, chances are you’ve spent some time online hunting for ideas and inspiration. That said, it can be pretty deflating to stumble upon a look you love only to discover the price to achieve it is well above your budget.

You Tie It You Dye It Décor

Artistic sexy girl with hat wall decal | Huetion

We’ve seen patterns and we’ve seen modern art even in few bed spreads and dining towels. But this is the age of Tie-Dye art. Someone somewhere grasped the idea of having paint fringed all over the material and it won hearts all over the internet. Now it’s not only a trend but also a need of this age. Tie-Dye art is really impressive. The fact that you do almost minimalistic work and there’s some distinct art that stands as a product is mind blowing. You can try this out for your bedsheet, pillow covers, white shirts (if you’re into wearing these) and what not.

The steps are simple, you tie the piece of material around a wooden stick and sink it in the water which was earlier mixed with the colour you want. Now after sometime, remove the clothing and spread it dry.

You can see the fringing and bizarre patterns which when observed collectively might have a pattern. These patterns look wonderful when completely dried and set in its place. Not only is this idea of décor futuristic but it is also welcoming and DIY. So, this décor idea might suit your blank bed spreads and dining towels. Go on, try it!

Art Art says Contemporary Art

Buddha wall art for wall decal buddha statue art | Huetion

So, this is for the people who are strict fans of modern art or contemporary art. This is a wonderful idea, it’s so god that a normal room with blank walls, when added with the right ideas can become the most contemporary spectrum in the whole house. Okay so how does this help bring out a sense of art in you home? The easiest way is to buy modern art or wall decals. There is another way to achieve this and it is by using paint.

Yes. There are no other options. Here are two examples, one in which a normal bathroom has been given different shades of rich green to look it like an 19th century classic. Another is ta for of raw contemporary art. This can be used in the living room to give your home decor a completely distinct look all together. The advantage of this is that although there are a lot of colours, it still induces a sense of calmness and a serene environment.

Shape It Décor

Rose floral custom namer wall stickers | Huetion

This interior décor is predominantly useful for kid’s rooms. You can do it yourself or buy similar wall decals at The wonderful aspect is that kids tend to absorb each shape and size into their memory and tend to replicate it. So, having alphabets mixed with few animals outlies doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Moreover, this kind of approach also gives the room a neat look provided that there is a uniform cut of all the alphabets and shapes.

You can use vinyl stickers or paper stickers that don’t harm the wall for this kind of approach. You can also tie few cut-outs together and hang it up in the wall or room corners. That kind of wall decorations need a precise work in tying up the cut-outs in equal heights. If not, it will lose it’s aesthetic sense that it should deliver.

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