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Published on: Boho Wall Stickers

Spread the Boho LOVE to Your Kids with Boho Wall Décor

Styling our home is one of the most interesting responsibilities we have. Who doesn’t enjoy doing something like that? It’s our home, and it’s our responsibility to maintain it looking nice and clean. If you want to give your house a bohemian feel, keep reading because we’ve got lots of good Boho wall decor ideas. Introducing colour to your home not only helps it appear lovely, but it also gives a subtle pleasant and peaceful environment.

Bohemianism is an uncommon way of life characterised by the presence of happy people who have few long-term commitments. Art, music, literature, and spiritualism are all part of it. Bohemians are nomads, vagabonds, or explorers who are always on the road, helping to spread their culture from one location to the next.Boho Wall Décor— What’s Bohemian?

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Boho Wall Décor— What Makes A Room Boho?

The tranquil and easy-going stylistic style of a boho space is one of its most distinguishing aspects. Any design or furnishing piece that exudes this domestic vibe helps to convey the boho mood into any interior setting.

The boho vibe takes influence from the bohemians’ culture and way of life, among other things. The dominant features that distinguish the original lifestyle and culture of the bohemians survived in diverse facets of the style as the boho style evolved. Three of these elements have been defined:

  • Color palettes that are calm and have earth tone
  • Design with a minimalist aesthetic
  • Mixing and matching natural components

A room becomes “boho” when these three elements are together.”

Why Do Kids And Parents Love Boho Wall Décor?

Because of its clean and spacious atmosphere, a boho bedroom theme will undoubtedly be adored.

Many parents also wonder how their children will enjoy openness and elegance at such an early age. However, it shouldn’t be taken literally. These are aspects that both parents and children will enjoy in the long run.

The minimalist and clean styling of the bohemian décor contributes to its purity. We defined “clean lines” as a traditional aspect of a typical bohemian space in the first part. The power of this minimalism feature is the room’s ability to provide variety to the space’s owner.

Kids’ obsessions, as we all know, come and go quickly. Someday, they might want fairies and superheroes to decorate their room, and the next, they might want paintings of their favorite singers. As a result, over-decorating the children’s room will be pricey and useless.

When dealing with a boho room design, however, it will be simple to switch up room décor ideas because the style is so adaptable. Kids will undoubtedly like having the opportunity to redecorate their rooms from time to time.

Whether you want Bohemian Themes for your home or your kid’s nursery, Boho décor is always in style. It’s simple to add a bohemian flair to your home. You only need to be aware of some Bohemian aspects, after which you can mix and combine to create a unique Boho style for your home.

When it comes to boho baby’s nurseries, space is definitely an important consideration. Children require as much space as possible. They require space for their hobbies and other interests in addition to the countless plush animals and action figures that currently occupy the room.

They are much less likely to bring their “chaos” to other rooms of the house if they are given the space they require in their room. This is without a question a game-changer for parents as well!

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Some Exclusive Boho Décor Ideas

There are several Bohemian Baby Options that you may apply to add a Boho twist to your baby’s nursery. We’ve scoured the internet for some of the best Bohemian nursery concepts, and we hope you enjoy them. The best part about some of these options is that you really can use them not just in your kid’s nursery, but also anywhere else in your home; all you have to do is locate the ideal spot.

The following are some of the top Boho home decor ideas:

Wall Tapestry

They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes, and after you’ve selected one that suits your home, put it in the Boho-Chic Nurseries. They look great and may be used to replace artwork or other items on a wall.


There are a plethora of Bohemian plants just ready to be planted and cared for by you. Monstera, ferns, succulents, pothos, and philodendrons are examples of Boho flora. If you’re not a great gardener, artificial plants like silk cacti are a good alternative.

Kilim Rug with a Vintage Feel

With the aid of a vintage-inspired rug, you may give the nursery a Boho feel. The style is such that any filth or blemishes are readily hidden, which is particularly useful as your kid starts to crawl.

Floor Pillows

They’re a terrific way of making the place feel more boho, rustic and international. It all varies on the nursery’s layout. If you have a big nursery, we suggest adding a larger number of pillows than if you have a compact nursery. As your child grows, this will provide an additional hangout area for them.

Tribal Textiles

Choose tribal-inspired bedding for the cot to give your to-be Bohemian Nursery a Bohemian flair. You may mix and match different designs to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that is both attractive and soothing.

Abstract Artwork

The room’s core concept aspects of beauty and pleasure are enhanced by abstract artwork. We propose that you use vibrant colours and fascinating designs for your baby’s nursery. You can also be inventive and use antique fabrics or classic textiles to create your artwork.

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There are countless other ideas you may use to make your Boho Nursery look more bohemian. Huetion has more information on the primary theme features of a Boho-Chic Nursery and how to apply them into a nursery.

Using the aforementioned suggestions, add a bohemian touch to your child’s room and create a beautiful and exciting atmosphere. Abstract paintings, creative art prints and wall hangings may encourage your child to be more inventive in their work. These home décor ideas can be applied in every room of your house.

At Huetion, we have a wide range of high quality bohemian wall stickers for your kid’s room, baby nursery, living room or any wall of your home.

Adding a boho poster or wall decals with moon prints, stars or clouds can help spruce up your space.

Explore some of the Boho Wall Sticker for your kid room Wall Décor

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Abstract shapes wall decals boho leaves wall sticker | Huetion

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